Mississippi St. Review


History repeats itself as the Gators look dismal against an out-manned MSU team.  Shades of 2004 and the end of the Zook Error, but losing at the Swamp?

Total abject failure on offense.  The Dazzler is completely incapable of coordinating an offense, and the OL play stinks as well. Coach Meyer needs to do the right thing for the program and relieve Addazio of the OC duties immediately, and try and salvage an already disappointing season and prepare for 2011.

There really isn’t much to dissect from Florida’s performance.  Unfortunately, it appears that the offensive ineptitude has finally started to permeate the entire team.  The defense only gave up 10 points, but it was clear that MSU was going to run the entire second half unless they fell behind.  And yet, the defense let the Bulldogs eat huge chunks of time off the clock, and gave the struggling offense poor field position.

Yes, there have been injuries to some key players, but 5 years of solid recruiting means that the staff is even more at fault for not getting the others ready to play and win.  Demps is a shadow of his former self right now, and, just when Debose started to gain confidence, he goes down with a bad ankle injury that could keep him out for an extended period.

I feel badly for Chas Henry as well, as he is simply not a quality placekicker, while he is having an A-A season as a punter.

Where is the LB corps? They have been practically invisible this year, except for a few interceptions by Bostic.  Hicks?  Jones?  They seem to be good for 1-2 impact plays a game, and no more……disappointing.

Where is the D-Line?  No real push from the interior, and Lemmens just isn’t an SEC-caliber DE.  Time for Powell and Floyd to get extended playing time.

Coach Meyer is saying most of the right things this week, but will he go as far as necessary for this team?  The entire offensive scheme needs to be re-vamped, and the entire coaching staff has to start earning it’s keep, as they have failed so far in giving these kids their best chance to win.

However……incredibly……the Gators still control their own destiny to get to Atlanta!  HA!  The East is WAY down in 2010……wow. 

“So you’re saying there’s a chance?”

I’ll be back next week with my Georgia preview……Go Gators!