Louisiana-Lafayette Review / Jacksonville St. Preview

What else can be said about that near-disaster?  Nothing came from this game constructive except for Brissett being just good enough as a backup to finally get the offense in the end zone late.  The defense was great as usual, and the special teams were just that – again – making the play of the game with the blocked punt by Purifoy to win the game.

No rest for the starters, continued crappy play by the OL, the starting QB gets injured, and the defense having to play it’s starters until the end to bail out the offense.  No rest, no development of backups, a key injury……so much for having 3 weeks to get ready for F$U.  Everything good that could have come from this game was essentially lost.

It’s stunning to see the OL play so poorly.  There was apparently zero margin for error with the starters as far as staying healthy, and the lousy backup play just shows how bad the Dazzler’s recruiting was from 2009-2011……garbage.  It will take another 2-3 years to build a quality rotation capable of consistently competing in the SEC.  I think this really shows why the staff went with Driskel as the starting QB, knowing he had the mobility to keep defenses somewhat honest and to keep himself from getting killed when trying to pass.

At least ULL is a decent opponent – not the gimme that most fans expected after ignoring what Coach Muschamp said all week.  This was a winning team with some playmakers, and they took advantage of all of the gifts they were given by Florida and damn near pulled off a stunner.  And, they are still ranked ahead of half of the wreck that is the F$U schedule……how embarrassing (again) the ACC is this year.

Well, one more cupcake comes in this week, as JSU prepares to get a nice paycheck for a glorified scrimmage.  This one will be an easier game, and it looks like Brissett will get the start, as the Gator Nation hopes that Driskel can be ready for the Criminoles in 2 weeks.

As always in these games, the mantra is……NO MORE INJURIES!!!

Prediction:  Florida 38    JSU 7