Florida $t. Review

A nightmare season is mercifully over, after Florida implodes against a mediocre F$U team in Taliban City.

Not much analysis is needed after viewing this debacle.  The ‘Plan to Win” has been lost, as the Gators turned the ball over, had terrible field position the entire game, and once again could not get off the field on defense on 3rd down.

What a fall from the heights of the past 5 seasons when your team makes Dumbo Fisher and a sore-armed Christian Ponder look like world-beaters.  Even worse, the weak Criminole defense looked competent.  It was obvious the Gators had a huge advantage by playing a power running style, and ripped off chunks of yardage almost at will.  But fumbles and a putrid passing game undermined any hope of scoring enough points to win.

The worst thing to see is how the defense became dispirited the last few games, knowing the offense had no clue as to play winning football.  Not that Teryl Austin  did a great job to start with.  It’s just another indictment against the Dazzler and a terrible offensive staff.

Here’s the funny thing……F$U is celebrating as if they defeated a good team (finally)……the joke’s on them.  They are still a far cry from a very good team.  Maybe this false hope will backfire on them next season.

Florida football is broken right now, and Coach Meyer needs to go back to basics and fundamentals this off-season, and build from the ground up again.  It’s sobering to see how poor coaching can derail even the best program in just one season, and changes have to be made.  The Dazzler, DJ Durkin, Stan Drayton, Scott Loeffler, and maybe Zach Azzanni all may be gone.

Now it’s time to await the bowl matchup, and to get after recruiting in earnest.  At least the staff (or who remains) can sell playing time at many positions right now……but can they overcome the rumored return of the Dazzler?  This subject is already sending negative vibes to recruits, and don’t think that every other program isn’t pounding this home to kids.

I’ll be back with a bowl game preview after Christmas.  Happy Holidays to Gator Nation.