Georgia Preview

Two teams going in opposite directions meet in Jacksonville this week.  Georgia has turned a crappy season into a mediocre one by winning 3 straight, and their offense has come alive after the return of AJ Green from suspension.  The Gators?  They are in desperation mode, and have no room for error if they still want to win the East.

There has been a lot of talk during the off-week that Florida has re-vamped many things on the offense.  That’s nice to hear, but for me, I’ll believe it when I see it.  As long as the Dazzler is involved with playcalling instead of just trying to improve the poor play of the O-Line, the Gators can lose to almost anyone.

It all will start at the QB position, where Brantley has been the square peg being forced into a Spread Option round hole most of the season.  How many snaps does Burton get from here on out?  Does he actually get the chance to throw the ball, or has the staff failed here as well to at least make him a decent passer by now?

Hopefully the RBs are healthier than they have been in a month.  Demps should be ready to at least get 20 plays or so, and his speed and big-play ability are sorely missed.  Gillislee should be better as well.  Moody?  He’ll never be a real contributor it seems.  Brown?  It looks like a redshirt year for him, as he “learns” this terrific offense put together by the Dazzler.

The WRs have left a lot to be desired so far as well.  Time to play tough football — block harder, make catches over the middle, and break some tackles and make plays.  They have to get separation and make some plays downfield.

The Gator defense has to improve against the run game and get off the field on 3rd downs.  The Puppies have been winning by running the ball more effectively to help develop a young QB in Aaron Murray, and Florida needs to put the pressure to make big plays directly on him.  Washaun Ealey and Caleb King have developed into a solid 1-2 punch at RB.  

AJ Green is back, but he’s going to see (again) the best CB in the SEC in Janoris Jenkins.  JJ should be able to limit Green’s effect on the Puppy offense, and that helps the rest of the Gator defense take care of it’s own business.  The D-Line and LBs need to shake off a poor month of October and carry their fair share of responsibility starting this week.  The Puppies will go after the Gator LBs all game, especially in the passing game.  They love to run the TE down the seam, and have the WRs run the 15-18 yard square-ins.  Jones and Hicks especially have to elevate their game, starting this week.

If you can’t be a dominant team, you can still be an efficient and resourceful one.

Go with schemes that best utilize the strengths of the players on the field.  Stay ahead of schedule on first down.  Take a few more shots downfield to loosen up the defense.  Get the linebackers in position to better stop the run.  Take advantage of any big plays made by the defense or special teams on the plus side of the field.

The Gator offense is a complete mess right now, and 2 weeks is probably not enough to try and correct all of the problems.  Can the Gators regain some confidence and play aggressively this week?

Unfortunately, until these supposed changes are fully implemented, I am not confident that Florida can turn things around this week.  The hardest thing to do is to break a losing streak when all phases of the game are in question.

This prediction kills me……

Georgia 24      Florida 21